Saturday, January 17, 2009

Family Day

So today we spent the day as a family. After getting home around 8:30, from walking 4 miles with my friend Lorraine, we all got ready and went BACK to the park i had just come from.
I had to take them there. Amiyah has been before, while on a field trip with her class, but the Bean, and my Obe had never been. It's a park in Margate that has a trail that's a 1/2 mile all the way around, basketball and tennis courts, and a really nice playground in the middle of the trail for the kids. The only thing i didn't like to much, was the sand. It's such a pain getting it all out of not just their shoes, but socks, and the toes. Yucky!
Anyway, the kids loved the park. We brought Emilio's huge Tonka trucks, for the sand, but he could have cared less to play with them, and a few balls.
Amiyah saw a few kids her age involved in a game, and I could tell she wanted to join in. I encouraged her to ask them to play, but she refused. So , I had an idea. I started my own game with Amiyah. We played hide and seek. Once the kids saw us running around playing, they decided to stop their game and ask to play with us.
It was fun! Oh and, no, I didn't go and sit down once the kids all started playing, shoot, I was having fun right along with them. We played hide and seek some more, and then a game of tag, which is actually another form of hide and seek, but whatever.
Joey took his football onto an open field, and about 3 little boys followed him. Oh wait, and Jessica went with them as well. She reminded me so much of myself at her age. She was probably about 11 or 12, but could have cared less that there were all boys out there. She played just like them, and even better. She even gave Joey a high five when they were finished.
Emilio just kinda kept to himself most of the time we were there, he really enjoys just doing his own thing.
After going down the slide for abut the fourth time, he noticed another little boy, following him. His name was Camden, and he was soooo super cute! Beany loved that he had a friend. They would wait for each other at the top of the slide, and then count to three, and go down together.
They did this, over and over again. Camden's mom and I were talking while watching the boys for so long, that we went from just introducing ourselves, to an in depth conversation about religion. It was funny, we both had a good laugh.

After the park, we went to grab a slice of pizza from a new joint just down the street from our house. Then we dropped Amiyah off at the grandparents house so she could play. She said she wasn't tired, but the rest of us wanted to go home and take a nap. We had a really good day.