Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Conversations with Amiyah

A - " Mommy, when do we get to go to heaven?"

M - " Well, just like Uncle Randall, we get to go when Jesus is ready for us."

A - " But mommy, does Jesus have one hundred beds in His house for everybody?"

M - (Laughing) " No baby, Jesus is preparing a home especially for us, for when we get there."

AUGUST - 2008
On our way to bring flowers to Randall's grave for his birthday.

A - (Holding a bunch of flowers) " Wow mommy, these are pretty, are these for Uncle Randall?

M - (With tears running down my face) " Yes baby, they are for my baby brother."

A - (A little puzzled as to how Randall would be receiving them) " But mommy, how will you send them to him? Will you send them to heaven with your tithe?"

M - ( Laughing and crying) " No baby, we are just going to set them next to his picture at the cemetery. "