Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Today he's 2!

Our baby boy is now a 2 year old. I can't believe it.
He's climbing all the furniture, including dressers, sinks, and nightstands, and just last week I caught him swinging from one of the rails in his closet, and screaming "weeee!"
He's a good boy, he really is. He says "Tank you" when given something, but we're still working on replacing the ear-piercing shrieks, with a nice quiet, please.
He loves sports, and as of now, Joe and I think it's between basketball, football, or soccer. Or heck, maybe he can do all three. Basketball is definitely his favorite. Joey puts the goal up really high, gives the Bean the ball, and he actually shoots it. Of course he does the usual, pulling it back behind his head, like he's going to launch it, first, but when he finally let's it go... watch out!
Football is second. Every once in a while, he'll bring Joey the football and yell, "Hike, hike!"
During actual football season, the Bean enjoys relaxing afternoons with his Papi watching it on the television. He'll usually go and get the ball before sitting down, it's really cute. If there is any one thing that Joey and I have really noticed about the Bean, and his personality... it's that he's a total jokester. He doesn't like silence. He will actually come up to us, and start laughing hysterically, at absolutely nothing, but he does it just to make us laugh. Other times he'll stand in front of us if we're reading or talking, and just throw himself all over the floor going " woah, woah" and then he'll start laughing and look at us to make sure we saw him. The Bean loves to pray. It doesn't matter if it's before mealtime, or during devotions, he always holds my hand, closes his eyes... and waits. He waits for when Papi says, " In Jesus name we pray..." and then Beany bursts out and says, " Amem!" Then he laughs, of course. Ah, what a funny little guy I have.