Friday, November 9, 2007


Urban Grace Hip-Hop Church had their monthly skate night. Usually there is a hip-hop artist that will come out, like this night, and perform on the rink, and then share the Gospel message. During his performance my Sweet Cheeks decided to bust a move!

She loves to dance. It doesn't matter what it is. Ballet, tap,or, as we see here, break dancing!!

This was a Sunday night @ Galaxy, skating with my girl. She had so much fun. I even took her out on the rink, and she did really well.
Then we see Amiyah and her friend Shani all ready for some skating.

My New Ride!

Taking a ride in the car Grandpa Luis brought home for all the kids.

Naked Boy!!

These are a couple of after bath pics.

Our Bean loves to be naked. He seriously comes alive, and starts screaming and kicking with delight because of his new found freedom!

Big Boy Bean!

This is the Bean, he's almost 9 months old, and doing so much!

He, rocks back and forth while listening to music.
When standing, he tries to take steps.
He makes the sounds of B and M. Of course I'm trying hard to get him to say Mommy, but my Obe is confident he's going to say Daddy first.
He absolutely loves his baths. I give him plenty of playtime in the tub, but he still, while wrinkly and shivering, screams and hollers to get back in.It breaks my heart.
His favorite toy now, is not actually a toy. It's one of his white dress shoes from when he was like 6 months old.
If he's crying, give him his shoe, and he'll be fine. Take the shoe away..... Let's just say, you'll wish you didn't do that. Well unless of course your Titi Raine,for some reason when he's with her, he could care less about his shoe.

My Family!

I absolutely love this picture!

I had no idea the boys were dressed the same. And my little Sweet Cheeks, look at her smile.

Rainy Day

So this is what Amiyah does on rainy days.
Throws every pillow on the floor, and jumps until
she can't jump anymore!
It was very cute to watch. Little Emilio would laugh hysterically
every time she jumped.