Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A fun week

Playing outside with Emilio...

Just being beautiful.

She brought me that flower.

We watched Bolt at Jodi's house...

We went to the pumpkin patch...

Went to Miami...

Got tricked into helping her cousin clean her room...

gave Beany a taste of his own medicine, after dealing with him bothering them all week...

and last but not least, we played dress-up just about everyday. Here she is demonstrating how the Prince is supposed to kiss Snow White, to wake her up. She had me cracking up.

A week after baby Kalel was born, big sister Brianna came to stay with us for a week. We were so excited to have her over. I knew my week was going to be full of unexpected fun when I woke up the first morning with my daughter telling that Brianna had taken it upon herself to get a yogurt from the fridge, and a spoon from the drawer, walked into the play room, sat at the picnic table and started eating. Ahhh... my niece. I love her.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Alone Time

My hubby and I haven't had any real time to ourselves recently. He works six days a week, and about 13-15 hr. days. Needless to say... I have really started to miss him. This weekend, Joey's parents took the kids, along with their cousin Julian to Sebring. Although we missed them TREMENDOUSLY, we really needed that time. Joey DID work Saturday, but that evening we finished watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (such a sad, but beautiful movie) and cuddled on the couch. This morning (Sunday) we decided to sleep in, wake up... whenever (what a feeling that was) and go for a late breakfast. We drove down A1A with the windows down, stopping into The Sports Authority to get my Obe some new kicks. We drove home, and enjoyed a nice long nap. Sunday afternoon naps are the best. I'm now enjoying some hot tea, and my last bit of peace and quiet while thinking about how much I truly love him. We sometimes get so caught up in what we think we don't have in our relationships, that we forget to focus on the beautiful, yet sometimes simple, things we do have. We drove by La Bamba, the restaurant where we had our first "date". If you call myself, him, his brother, and his friend German a romantic date ;). Then we drove by the Barnes & Nobles where we spent most of our time, and our last stop, was Ruth's Chris, the restaurant we dined in for our 1st Anniversary.
It was so nice to go down memory lane, and just remember our beginnings.

Happy 2nd Birthday Miranda!

My niece Miranda celebrated her second birthday October 17th. The cool thing about her actual birthday, is she shares it with her daddy (my brother). She had a blast singing and dancing, playing dress-up, and eating her Dora cake.

Happy Birthday Kalel!

The Kidd family

I <3>


Big sister Brianna had just woken up from a nice long nap.

Grandma & Auntie awaiting the arrival of our baby Kalel.

There is so much to talk about. I have lots of new pics to share. I should be back here tomorrow (hopefully). Have a great Sunday!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Am I the only one that's OVER this gross heat? I just can't take it anymore! My car feels like a sauna, first thing in the morning, I start sweating the moment I step out my front door to get the mail, sometimes I wish we were back in the garden, then I could run around naked, and no one would care. Last week the high was 93, can you believe it? Today it's 82 - a little better, but still not good enough for me. Alright, I'm done complaining. Just had to get that out.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who said summer's coming to an end?

While on a recent trip to the Salvation Army with the kids, I came across a rack of old swimsuits. Now, I NEVER buy other people's old swimsuits... that's just gross. I started going through the rack when I came across a swimsuit I never thought I would ever find myself being drawn to. It was bright yellow, and had bright blue and pink circles all over it... IT WAS AMAZING! So bright and cheerful... it screamed happiness!
Now, I'm not a fan of most 80's fashion, but to me, the swimsuits are crazy cool. Since I don't buy old swimsuits, I thought I'd come home and look some up that I might like. These two were my favorite. The top one is the coolest... I think, and the one I would wear. You can find it at:
for only $14.00. That's a steal! Summer is definitely not over for me, in fact... it's just getting started!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just do it... it's so much fun!

So this morning I did my usual stuff on the computer. I checked Odesk to see if any one had responded to my applications, checked twitter, purchased 4 Princesses On Ice tickets, and then went over to Facebook before getting off. While I was responding to some of my messages on Facebook, I noticed a picture of a friend of mine that looked like a middle school picture from the 90's. It was pretty funny. When I clicked on it, I saw the website, and I just had to check it out.
These are only three of the 19 pictures that I did. If you need a little laughter in your day, or if your just really curious to see what you would look like in those hairstyles(I was), than you need to go check this out.

Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm back!!

After a long time away, I'm finally back.
So much has happened. We moved, celebrated birthdays, started school, and so much more. My mind has been all over the place lately so it's nice to finally sit and let a little bit of everything out.
Amiyah started first grade at Faith Christian School, and is loving it. When I went to pick her up on only her second day of school, her teacher said she wasn't following directions. She couldn't get into detail because other parents were showing up to retrieve their own children, and get a note home as well, but she told me Amiyah had a note in her bag for me to read. Once home, Amiyah got right to her usual routine - Taking out any papers I need to read and sign (sigh) as well as her homework, putting her lunchbox in the fridge, changing her clothes, sitting down for a snack, and then some time to relax before we start homework and chores. While she was changing I went to the table where lying in front of me was a letter written in the cutest stationary, it had apples and tiny school houses on it. But no matter how cute, I still felt uneasy. I opened it and this is what it said, " Mrs. Zarazua, I had to ask Amiyah four times today to follow directions. You will see on the work she brought home from today what I'm talking about. Please speak with her or else this can affect her grade." I crumpled up the letter and frantically searched through all her work to find the one, or maybe two pages, that have red scribbles all over them. I got it! But wait, are you serious? This is why my little Poppy is in trouble, can this really affect her grade? Looking down at her math papers, I saw the dreaded red scratches from Mrs. Giovino's pen, and quite honestly... I laughed! My daughter is such an artist, and with every stroke of her pencil she released her inner Picasso. She got into trouble because she was making little curly q's at the end of every single number she wrote. I sat with her at the table with a smile on my face and asked why it was she did that. She said, " Mommy because I'm an artist, and that's what we do. I was just trying to be creative." These are the moments I wish I was homeschooling. My daughter would be free to make all the curly q's heart little heart desired. Needless to say, she now knows curly q's are for outside of school only.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Change has come

I feel an explanation is in order for the slacking off that I have done as far as posting. I can blame it on many things, but the truth of the matter is, my mind has just been in, and currently still is in, about 4 different directions.
Let me start off by saying just how incredibly awesome our Lord is. Not just in our times of need... but always. My love has been without a job since last November. He has had many odd jobs since, including a job with a guy that has since become a close friend of his, but nothing permanent, with good pay, and benefits. Being that the number of job losses increases almost daily, we knew it would truly be the hand of God if my love found a job. So, he set off to prepare himself for just about the only positions that he could find that were still available... truck driving. He went to school, and completed all the classes and tests to get his CDL class A license. Now the hard part. After applying for just about every available position he could find, we had to wait, in the hopes that someone out there would give a guy with little experience a chance.
Meanwhile... for the past few months we have been trying to sell our condo. For obvious reasons, we simply couldn't afford it anymore. We have a contract on it now, and since it's a short sale, we were just waiting on the approval from the banks on the price. After a few more months, we have come to find out, the banks have approved the amount.
After finding this out, Joey got a call from Choice Environmental Services about a truck driving job. He went in for the interview, took the driving test, and had a drug test. A week later he got the call... "You got the job." We were both thrilled beyond belief. So, now with a new job in place, condo sold, we were on the search for an apartment. I wasn't very thrilled though, I have become quite tired of apartment living. Sharing the washer/dryer, pool, and hearing constant bumping, loud kids, and even louder radios and televisions above us... we were so over it.But then again, whatever the Lord had in store, we were willing to accept. That all worked out for us in the end, no one seemed to want to take a chance on a guy with a brand new job. So... we started looking for single family homes to rent for the year. While talking to my Pastor and his wife, he mentioned that Joe Novelo, Pastor, Executive Director of Missionary Resource Network, and missionary in Brazil, had a house not very far from ours for rent. Oh, and get this, he just happened to be in town from Brazil trying to find someone to rent the house. He came to our church last weekend to share what has been going on in Brazil. Joe and I had lunch with him, and talked about the house. Ladies and gentelman, as of last night, we will be renting his house from him! We are just so thankful to the Lord. Even through these tough times, He still makes a way.
More updates to come.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Best Friends

Today I decided to do a mini photo shoot with Caleb & Emilio outside while they were playing. I have been watching little Caleb since he was about 9 months old. Him and Emilio have become the best of friends. Since I'm not a fan of posed pictures, I decided to just let them do their thing, and just snap away, hoping I would get at least a few good ones I could frame. They ran, they jumped, they even took turns wearing Emilio's hat. They share a bond that's closer than friends, it's more like a brotherhood. They ate dirt together, pulled out handfuls of grass to give to the other one to taste, it really was cute. Oh, and don't worry, I stepped in once Emilio turned to look at me, and I noticed all his teeth were black.
So, I sat back in the grass on this hot summer day, taking these pictures that one day I hope, they will both appreciate. Just watching them run and play brought me back to the beginning, when they first met. There were lots of fights over toys, food, you name it. But they have since matured into bouncy 2-yr old boys that actually look out for each other now. They bring each other their sippy cups, when Beany gets two m&m's for going potty, he always asks for them both to be the same color so that he can give one to his bestest friend, Caleb, and Caleb is actually the ONLY person he shares his cars with, besides his papi of course.
This was fun. Now I have to get Amiyah together with some of her bestees for their own shoot.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Confession -

Yesterday morning I awoke, and did something I haven't done in an entire year. Now now, allow me to explain. Since my brother's murder people have been asking, " How is your relationship with the Lord? " I always answer them honestly, stating that, "It's fine." I read my Bible, and pray almost daily. But the one thing I haven't been able to bring myself to do is worship. I haven't spent good quality time in the presence of my Lord while listening to worship in over a year. For a very simple reason. I have not wanted the comfort of the Lord. You see, for this entire year, besides the unbeliveable amount of memories my mind has been able to get ahold of, the only thing I had left, the only thing still connecting me to Randall,apart from his shorts that still lay under my mattress, and his shoe that still sits on my nightstand, in my mind, were my tears. The ripping through my heart that I still feel today. I was afraid that if I let God in, He would heal me of it all, and I would lose the connection, even though painful, that I had with him. I was not ready to heal. The wonderful thing about God is, He waits. He waits, knowing that the day will come when I will throw myself in His arms because I just can't seem to carry this any longer. The burden of my grief, I was carrying alone. At times I felt like I had a stone wrapped around my ankle, and someone had picked me up and thrown me into the sea. I was sinking in my grief, gasping for air. All the while my Lord was there, ready to cut the cord, and take me back to the surface.The weight has been lifted,and the void, the emptiness I thought I'd feel in the place in my heart where Randall belonged is not there, but he is. I still feel him, I still hear him, I still see his smile. I know for sure I will see him again. So,today my Jesus has taken me in His arms, and assured me that through it all He will never leave me, nor forsake me. Thank you Abba, for waiting for my return.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Celebration!

Saturday night my parents, myself, and my brother and sister, went out to City Place to take our mom to Taverna Opa for dinner. We had an absolute blast! The food was amazing, (I had lobster tail and opa fries) but the ambiance was even better. We couldn't help but shake our hips and shoulders to the Middle Eastern music playing loudly in our ears. There wasn't a still table in the place. Every so often the belly dancers would come from the back with their costumes that were full of color, and a whole lot of sparkle. They would come around each and every table clanging their finger cymbals together and shaking their hips. They jumped up on the bar, and even right on top of people's tables as they were eating. But of course no one cared, some people even put their forks down and jumped up there with them. If it's a quiet night out your looking for... Taverna Opa is NOT the place for you. Later in the evening, the servers come around passing out entire packs of napkins. Everyone in the restaurant either stands on their tables or chairs and starts dancing. The music gets louder and louder, and everyone is dancing and singing awaiting the DJ's... OPA! Once he says that, EVERYONE in the place throws the napkins in the air, and all you see is a white shower of napkins. And then, my friends, the real dancing begins! My parents even got up and were doing their thing, it was really cute!
I hope you ladies are up for it because that's where my Birthday dinner is going to be this year. Hmmm... I might even get myself a set of finger cymbals.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Are these the coolest?

So, I was paying a visit to one of my favorite blogs oh happy day, when I came across this post. I just think these napkin invites are the coolest things ever! Although I was not blessed with the great ability to draw, I'm sure I can come up with something neat to put on one of our dinner napkins. How about a love note to my one true love? Or an invite to a tea party on pink napkins for Amiyah's friends? The possibilities are endless.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So while the kids were down for peaceful naps, I took full advantage and rented Changeling on itunes. I have been dying to see it. I really don't do thrillers - I find myself not sleeping for days just because I can't get the images out of my head, but after finding out it was a true story, and getting great reviews from some very reliable sources (my girls) I decided to watch it. So as to not ruin the movie for those who haven't had the pleasure of seeing it, I won't give anything away. I will simply say, it was a great movie. I cried almost the entire time. To know that something this devastating really happened, and that this women was able to stay focused on finishing what had been started... was truly inspiring. It's a must see, for sure!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's not even 9:30 in the morning...

I woke up at 6:45 this morning to get my Amiyah off to school. I was a little grouchy, but let no one know it. You see yesterday I went running at 5:30 in the morning, and decided to wear my old running shoes. Everything was great except for the fact that I had forgotten to put on the right socks. I ended up wearing little ankle socks that slid down into my shoe, and caused the back of my foot to rub up against the back of my shoe, therefore creating the nastiest blister I had ever seen. However, I didn't even know I had a blister until cool down, when the pain really started. I limped to my car and took off my shoe and sock, to reveal the blister. Now, I was upset this morning because I wanted to go walking this morning but couldn't because my foot hurt so bad.
So, off Amiyah went to school. I always go back to bed when Joe leaves the house to take her because the Bean is still sleeping and so I figure I'll get in at least another hour before he wakes up.
Not today. I fell asleep about 7:18, and a little after 8 was woken up to the sound of squirting. I jumped from my bed, horrified that he had a spray bottle and was spraying everything in sight - he's done it before. So where was the Bean? He was sitting in my desk chair, yup the very one I'm sitting in now, spraying my mac with water. I was horrified. I flew from the bed, snatched the spray bottle from him ( I apologized later ) and just stood there in shock. The Bean jumped from the chair and ran off in fear, he knows that no one is allowed to mess with mommy's computer. After wiping down every inch of my beloved computer, I plopped down in the chair rubbing my eyes and said to myself, " Lord, is this just a glimpse of what my days going to be like? "

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

I love earth day, a day to celebrate this beautiful planet our gracious God has given us. If we haven't already, let's make a conscience effort to take care of it, everyday of our lives. If we each do our part, it will make a big difference. So, what do I plan on doing this year? I plan to do more recycling! Not just organizing plastic and paper, making sure to put them in their proper bins. I plan to think before I throw things away. Some things can be used as storage, art projects, and much more. How will you make our planet a better place?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Goodness me!

Well here I am. It has been a long and hectic past couple of weeks.
About three weeks ago, I took three days to potty train our Bean, and he is doing exceptionally well. He has been in big boy underwear since day one. During the day when he needs to use the potty he comes and tells either myself or Joe, and he even told the teacher in the nursery he had to go pee, (something we were afraid he wouldn't do) I saw the two of them rushing to the bathroom with his potty seat in hand. It was cute, he was all smiles. At night he sleeps with his underwear, as well as during his naps. He wakes himself up and yells, " Mommy, potty! " And then Joey or I rush in to help him to the bathroom. We are so proud of our little crazy-haired guy.

The following week, the Bean, along with some of his close friends, took swimming lessons. My poor Bean cried all week. The funny thing was, even though he was screaming his head off, he was picking up everything the instructor had taught him. He floats on his back, and when dropped in the pool, will turn around and swim to the wall. On Friday, the last day of swim class, the parents got a chance to get in the pool with the kids to practice everything they had learned, so that we are well prepared to continue the lessons at home. Since his lessons, we have been to the pool quite a few times, and each time we go, my Bean is more and more confident in his ability to swim. Just about everyday after picking up Amiyah from school ( that's usually when we go ) he says, " Mommy, we go cool? " - that's how he says pool. ; ) He jumps off the wall, side into the water, swims to the wall, slides along the wall with his hands, climbs the steps, and does it all over again. I think it's the cutest thing because he's just so tiny.

A week after that I started walking with some ladies from church. I get up around 4:30-4:45 and meet at a park in Coral Springs by 5:30 to walk my 3-4 miles every morning. I'm trying to get myself into gear. I've been doing a lot of 5k walks, but I want to start running them. So, yesterday I started running as well. It was a little rough, seeing as how I haven't really ran in quite a while.

So, when I have a free moment hopefully soon, I will be uploading pictures.
Until then...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Coming soon....

Don't fret my dears, a new post is coming soon! Since I am no longer digital ( Amiyah broke my camera) but manual, I now have to take the rolls in to be put on CD before I can post them. Instead of taking one roll in at a time, I usually wait until I have quite a few, and then drop them off all at once. I will be picking up six CD's this afternoon, and should have some pictures up by tomorrow. Keep a lookout!

Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring

For those of us living in South Florida, the first day of spring only means it's time to bust out the bathing suits and flip-flops, if you haven't already, because the hot hot summer days are upon us. Winter this year was alright. We had a few days that were ridiculously cold, but the rest of it wasn't really much of anything. I'm totally speaking for myself here. You see, I LOVE the cold, and every year I pray for snow ( silly I know) but always get nothing. So, now that spring is here, and my dreams of waking up to snow outside are gone, I prepare for the days ahead. Spring cleaning is finally done. Cob webs down, baseboards scrubbed, underneath beds and dressers have been cleaned, and all of our fluffy sweaters have been packed away. This coming week, we'll be gathering all of our summer supplies in preparation for the coming weeks. As far as attire is concerned, everyone except me is prepared, as usual. The only swimsuit I have is a yellow bikini. I absolutely love it, but have been thinking that this year, I'll go modest. Now relax, I'm not talking about something all the way to my neck, and down to my knees.I have been doing a lot of thinking, and an itsy-bitsy-bikini isn't something I would EVER want to see my daughter running around in, so as her mommy, I need to be the example - I'll save the bikini for a vacation with Papi ; ) So, this weekend the hubs and I are going... BATHING SUIT SHOPPING!!! Yeah, just for the record, he's not as excited as I am.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Belly Series

So, tell me this is not freaking adorable! Photographer Ryan Marshall takes weekly pictures of his beautiful wife's growing belly. But that's not all.On the side of each picture, he writes notes to their unborn child. It's just the sweetest thing. See more at -

Monday, March 16, 2009


This weekend Joey and I started preparing ourselves for our three day potty training marathon with the Bean. We are using the methods from, and so far... they really work! They guarantee that in three days, your child will be completely potty trained. We loaded up on plenty of Nemo, Wall.E & Cars underwear, four new bed sheets, and even got a little pack of M&M's. He gets two every time he uses the potty. Today was the first day, and although I'm aching to tell you all how it's going. I can't. Not for any reason except that the Bean is now down for his nap with his underwear on, and at any moment he could scream. Either because he just went pee all over, or because he wants me to take him to the potty. So, I need to be ready.
But not to worry, my lovelies, I have been taking plenty of pictures, and writing every little detail in my journal. Once Wednesday night comes, I should be ready to sit and tell you all about it. Until then, wish the Bean... and me, many blessings!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

He's a happy Bean!

So yesterday morning, on my way out the door with a basket full of dirty whites, I passed by Emilio's room and glanced in only to see, that mommy had never changed the poor boy out of his PJ'S. After breaskfast, I must have been so focused on the tasks at hand ( laundry ) that I totally forgot to change his clothes. So I just washed him up, brushed his teeth, and sent him on his way. Why this was disturbing me, I'm really not sure. All I know is for some reason I thought he might have been uncomfortable. So, I set my basket by the front door, and went in his room to change his clothes. When I walked in, him and Caleb were sitting reading through... I mean looking through, his giant childrens spanish word book. "Emilio, do you want to help mommy get your clothes so you can get dressed?" I find it goes a lot smoother if I ask him to help me. That way, I'm not chasing him around the house trying to peel clothing off of him every time he runs past me. He didn't say a word, he just jumped up from the book, and ran to his little dresser to assist me. I let him pick out his own outfit. He opened his bottom drawer and pulled out some gym shorts, after closing it back, he moved to the middle drawer for his t-shirt, and came across a shirt that had a soccer ball, basketball, football, and baseball, on it. He looked up at me, handed me the shirt and started clapping. "Mommy balls!" He screamed with excitement. " Yes honey, let's put it on." After I put it on, he started dancing around the room touching his shirt. He even went up to Caleb, and shoved his belly in his face to show him the balls. Soon Caleb was up dancing as well. I was on the floor cheering and clapping. After a few minutes Emilio came to me and gave me a hug and said, " Mommy, I happy! " I couldn't believe it, I had never heard him verbalize his feelings before.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hi there!

It's me! Not here to blog about anything crazy and exciting. I actually got on to just check out the other cool blogs that I visit daily. Now, I don't know if any of you have had the opportunity to check in on any of them, but let me just recommend a few.

Here are some I visit daily:

- Color Me Katie ~ When I visit, I am truly inspired to live outside of the box of everyday life.

- Design Mom ~ She finds all the coolest, and not to mention cutest things all over the web. And how could I forget her giveaways... they are the best!

- Tollipop ~ If your an avid reader like myself, then you'll enjoy sitting back and relaxing in your favorite chair, or maybe even your bed, and reading her stories. They are so captivating... she really is so very talented.

- LOOKBOOK ~ All fashion, all the time. I love fashion, and I really enjoy looking at the creativity of some of these young people from all over the world. This is where I find my inspiration. Most of the looks are very vintage, and that's just my style.

So, that's what I've been up to today!


Friday, March 6, 2009

An afternoon at the park

Enjoying some lunch before play time.

It was just a tad nippy out that day.

Emilio, not wanting to leave his swing.

Amiyah having class.

Amiyah, Mari, and some new friends!

Emilio and Caleb, enjoying themselves.

Cute Caleb.

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood. We couldn't resist the urge to take the kids out to the park on what was one of the coldest days this year. Emilio hated the fact that he had to put on so many layers, he screamed as though being tortured the entire time. Caleb on the other hand, he doesn't care, he just stood there and smiled. I picked up Amiyah from school and drove down the street to the park where we were to meet our friends. A couple seconds after pulling into a parking space, Lorraine pulled up next to me. Amiyah started to yell, " Shani, Mari!" as though they could hear her behind the window. She jumped out of the car, and ran to them. I believe Mari came out first. Amiyah and Mari ran to each other, it was just like a scene in a movie except they almost knocked each other to the ground because of the impact.
We also met up with little Timmy, and Mrs. Alice, and a couple of her friends and their kids. The afternoon was filled with lots of laughter. But of course, no time spent in the park would have been complete without... the occasional meltdown.