Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, my sweets! I pray your weekend is full of hugs and kisses to and from, all the ones you love.

What do you think?

So this afternoon, on my way to pick up Amiyah from school, the boys and I stopped off at Blockbuster to drop off Wall-E, and pick up a new movie for family night tonight. Being a stay at home mom, i don't really care all that much about what I look like when I go out... even if What NOT To Wear, is, one of my favorite shows. I wasn't all that concerned about Stacy and Clinton jumping from behind any of the movie racks, but maybe I should have been...hmmm. After finding our movie for the night - Bambi, we made our way to the register. Once there, I put the movie, and Emilio (so he couldn't run off) on the counter, and the cashier says to me, with excitement in his voice, " Wow, from back there I thought you were Rosario Dawson. I saw you when you first came in, and I almost freaked out because I thought you were her!" I said thank you to him, as he continued to go on about how much I resembled her. After paying for everything, gathering kids, picking up shoes that were kicked off, and making my way to the car, I remembered just last night laying on the couch watching the NAACP Image Awards, and watching her win the award for best actress in Seven Pounds, and just loving how naturally beautiful she was. I think we could pass as sister's, what do you think?