Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A fun week

Playing outside with Emilio...

Just being beautiful.

She brought me that flower.

We watched Bolt at Jodi's house...

We went to the pumpkin patch...

Went to Miami...

Got tricked into helping her cousin clean her room...

gave Beany a taste of his own medicine, after dealing with him bothering them all week...

and last but not least, we played dress-up just about everyday. Here she is demonstrating how the Prince is supposed to kiss Snow White, to wake her up. She had me cracking up.

A week after baby Kalel was born, big sister Brianna came to stay with us for a week. We were so excited to have her over. I knew my week was going to be full of unexpected fun when I woke up the first morning with my daughter telling that Brianna had taken it upon herself to get a yogurt from the fridge, and a spoon from the drawer, walked into the play room, sat at the picnic table and started eating. Ahhh... my niece. I love her.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Alone Time

My hubby and I haven't had any real time to ourselves recently. He works six days a week, and about 13-15 hr. days. Needless to say... I have really started to miss him. This weekend, Joey's parents took the kids, along with their cousin Julian to Sebring. Although we missed them TREMENDOUSLY, we really needed that time. Joey DID work Saturday, but that evening we finished watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (such a sad, but beautiful movie) and cuddled on the couch. This morning (Sunday) we decided to sleep in, wake up... whenever (what a feeling that was) and go for a late breakfast. We drove down A1A with the windows down, stopping into The Sports Authority to get my Obe some new kicks. We drove home, and enjoyed a nice long nap. Sunday afternoon naps are the best. I'm now enjoying some hot tea, and my last bit of peace and quiet while thinking about how much I truly love him. We sometimes get so caught up in what we think we don't have in our relationships, that we forget to focus on the beautiful, yet sometimes simple, things we do have. We drove by La Bamba, the restaurant where we had our first "date". If you call myself, him, his brother, and his friend German a romantic date ;). Then we drove by the Barnes & Nobles where we spent most of our time, and our last stop, was Ruth's Chris, the restaurant we dined in for our 1st Anniversary.
It was so nice to go down memory lane, and just remember our beginnings.

Happy 2nd Birthday Miranda!

My niece Miranda celebrated her second birthday October 17th. The cool thing about her actual birthday, is she shares it with her daddy (my brother). She had a blast singing and dancing, playing dress-up, and eating her Dora cake.

Happy Birthday Kalel!

The Kidd family

I <3>


Big sister Brianna had just woken up from a nice long nap.

Grandma & Auntie awaiting the arrival of our baby Kalel.

There is so much to talk about. I have lots of new pics to share. I should be back here tomorrow (hopefully). Have a great Sunday!