Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Am I the only one that's OVER this gross heat? I just can't take it anymore! My car feels like a sauna, first thing in the morning, I start sweating the moment I step out my front door to get the mail, sometimes I wish we were back in the garden, then I could run around naked, and no one would care. Last week the high was 93, can you believe it? Today it's 82 - a little better, but still not good enough for me. Alright, I'm done complaining. Just had to get that out.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who said summer's coming to an end?

While on a recent trip to the Salvation Army with the kids, I came across a rack of old swimsuits. Now, I NEVER buy other people's old swimsuits... that's just gross. I started going through the rack when I came across a swimsuit I never thought I would ever find myself being drawn to. It was bright yellow, and had bright blue and pink circles all over it... IT WAS AMAZING! So bright and cheerful... it screamed happiness!
Now, I'm not a fan of most 80's fashion, but to me, the swimsuits are crazy cool. Since I don't buy old swimsuits, I thought I'd come home and look some up that I might like. These two were my favorite. The top one is the coolest... I think, and the one I would wear. You can find it at:
for only $14.00. That's a steal! Summer is definitely not over for me, in fact... it's just getting started!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just do it... it's so much fun!

So this morning I did my usual stuff on the computer. I checked Odesk to see if any one had responded to my applications, checked twitter, purchased 4 Princesses On Ice tickets, and then went over to Facebook before getting off. While I was responding to some of my messages on Facebook, I noticed a picture of a friend of mine that looked like a middle school picture from the 90's. It was pretty funny. When I clicked on it, I saw the website, and I just had to check it out.
These are only three of the 19 pictures that I did. If you need a little laughter in your day, or if your just really curious to see what you would look like in those hairstyles(I was), than you need to go check this out.

Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm back!!

After a long time away, I'm finally back.
So much has happened. We moved, celebrated birthdays, started school, and so much more. My mind has been all over the place lately so it's nice to finally sit and let a little bit of everything out.
Amiyah started first grade at Faith Christian School, and is loving it. When I went to pick her up on only her second day of school, her teacher said she wasn't following directions. She couldn't get into detail because other parents were showing up to retrieve their own children, and get a note home as well, but she told me Amiyah had a note in her bag for me to read. Once home, Amiyah got right to her usual routine - Taking out any papers I need to read and sign (sigh) as well as her homework, putting her lunchbox in the fridge, changing her clothes, sitting down for a snack, and then some time to relax before we start homework and chores. While she was changing I went to the table where lying in front of me was a letter written in the cutest stationary, it had apples and tiny school houses on it. But no matter how cute, I still felt uneasy. I opened it and this is what it said, " Mrs. Zarazua, I had to ask Amiyah four times today to follow directions. You will see on the work she brought home from today what I'm talking about. Please speak with her or else this can affect her grade." I crumpled up the letter and frantically searched through all her work to find the one, or maybe two pages, that have red scribbles all over them. I got it! But wait, are you serious? This is why my little Poppy is in trouble, can this really affect her grade? Looking down at her math papers, I saw the dreaded red scratches from Mrs. Giovino's pen, and quite honestly... I laughed! My daughter is such an artist, and with every stroke of her pencil she released her inner Picasso. She got into trouble because she was making little curly q's at the end of every single number she wrote. I sat with her at the table with a smile on my face and asked why it was she did that. She said, " Mommy because I'm an artist, and that's what we do. I was just trying to be creative." These are the moments I wish I was homeschooling. My daughter would be free to make all the curly q's heart little heart desired. Needless to say, she now knows curly q's are for outside of school only.