Sunday, August 26, 2007

Prints & Solids

This our little Amiyah. She is now 4, and quite determined to do just about
everything on her own. She has a morning routine that she does everyday.
She makes her bed before leaving her bedroom, brushes her teeth, washes her
face, and gets dressed, in the clothes I have set out for her the night before,
and then comes to the table for breakfast. Lately (as seen in the picture) she has been
coming out of her room with outfits that SHE has picked out herself. She'll come to me
and say, "Mommy, what do you think of this outfit?"
In the picture she was doing just that. As you can see, she has gotten a lot better with
matching her patterns and solids. How the conductor hat fit into the outfit, I'll never know,
but I know she loved it, she wore it all day!!

The Latest

Emilio is 6 months old now, and as happy as ever!
He always has a big smile on his face. From the moment
you pick him up out of his crib in the morning, until we
lay him down for the night. Such a blessing from the Lord.
He is rolling all over the place now,
and has even shown some signs of wanting to crawl.
This picture was taken in Amiyah's room, on her bed.
He loves her stuffed dog!