Monday, March 16, 2009


This weekend Joey and I started preparing ourselves for our three day potty training marathon with the Bean. We are using the methods from, and so far... they really work! They guarantee that in three days, your child will be completely potty trained. We loaded up on plenty of Nemo, Wall.E & Cars underwear, four new bed sheets, and even got a little pack of M&M's. He gets two every time he uses the potty. Today was the first day, and although I'm aching to tell you all how it's going. I can't. Not for any reason except that the Bean is now down for his nap with his underwear on, and at any moment he could scream. Either because he just went pee all over, or because he wants me to take him to the potty. So, I need to be ready.
But not to worry, my lovelies, I have been taking plenty of pictures, and writing every little detail in my journal. Once Wednesday night comes, I should be ready to sit and tell you all about it. Until then, wish the Bean... and me, many blessings!