Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spirit Week!

So, it's Spirit Week at Faith Christian School. Tomorrow is the last day, and quite frankly, both Amiyah and I are sad to see it go. It's the one week during the school year, the students get to wear whatever they want. Anything goes this week... well except for the kindergarteners. They had only three days they could dress "crazy" - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Being that Amiyah had never heard of such a silly day, on Monday she flat out refused to wear anything except her uniform, with socks that match her polo ( she does this everyday) , and loafers.
I tried explaining to her how much fun it was going to be... but she shrugged her shoulders, and walked off. I guess I do love the fact that at such a tender age, my little Poopy, isn't a follower. Monday afternoon I got out of the car and walked to the entrance of the school to speak with Mrs. Turner. She explained to me that the kindergarteners had themes as to how they were going to dress for those three days, and if Amiyah changed her mind, Wednesday was going to be sports day, and Friday was going to be patriotic. On Tuesday, Joey and I both spoke with Amiyah, yet again, about dressing up for sports day on Wednesday. After sharing with her all the silly ideas I had, she reluctantly agreed. Wednesday morning, I woke bright and early - a new thing for me, and started prepping. Since the theme was sports, we decided to go with High School Musical. She put on her navy blue uniform skirt, with her navy blue, red and white HSM cheerleading top, and I put out her HSM socks and white sneakers, thinking she would just adore the ensemble mommy had set out for her. Amiyah, however, walked right past the socks and shoes, went straight to her sock drawer and pulled out one pink Hello Kitty ankle sock, and one red Hello Kitty knee sock. She then went to her closet and pulled down her multi-colored ( bright pink, yellow, green and orange) Nike dunks, and proceeded to put them on.
So, I know that it's "Spirit Week" and all, but this mismatching, was just a little much for me. But, whatever. I mean, I'm shocked she got into it at all. Once she was dressed, socks were on, shoes tied, she came to the table for breakfast. She sat in front of her bowl of Rice Krispies, and asked, " Mommy, can you paint my nails orange? " I took a deap breath, and without looking at Joey ( his look would only say - " Babe, don't say anything! " ) I got up and retrieved all the necessary supplies to paint her nails. One coat was enough, we had to go and they needed to dry quickly. Amiyah absolutely loved her nails, she was so shocked at how good the color looked - she usually choosed mery muted colors like nude, or shear pinks... I think she surprised herself with her choice.
If you noticed... I didn't mention her hair. You see, the one thing she absolutely refuses to do anything crazy with... is her hair. I know I know, this coming from the girl who gave herself a mullet last year? What can I say... she's growing up. So with her bob, parted off to one side, with a white flower clip in it, that's already slipping out, she took a quick glance in the mirror... and off she went. Snatched up her backpack, lunch box, and out the door, filled with excitement.
In the afternoon when I showed up to pick her up, it was funny, there were kids on the basketball courts with bathrobes on, pajama pants with gym shorts over them, mismatched shoes... I was cracking up!
So, tomorrow is Friday, and she has to dress patriotic. Amiyah has already told me what she wants to wear, guess what it is... HER UNIFORM! But get this, she said she wants to wear her navy blues skirt, white polo, and red cardigan so that she's wearing red, white and blue. Hey, she lived outside her little structured world for one day, I think that's a big enough step for now.