Saturday, September 1, 2007

"Happy Birthday Mommy!"

This is my birthday card from Amiyah. She was so excited to give it to me because she had been working on it all day.

The box with the hole.

Joey and I started talking to Amiyah a lot in the past few weeks about getting an allowance. She was very excited to say the least.We decided to give her $3.00 a week. Since she's only four, we figured giving her $3.00 would be easier for her to understand as we started teaching her about tithing.

We sat her down Friday night handed her, her allowance. She quickly ran to the desk, got an envelope, put $1.00 in it, and then sealed it. She then went to her bedroom, and put another dollar in her bank, and then another in her wallet in her purse. When we asked what she did with her money she said, "I first put money in my envelope for Jesus, it goes in the tall box with the hole in it at church, then I put one in my bank, and another in my wallet so when I go to church I can buy a bagel for me and Jesenia."