Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Celebration!

Saturday night my parents, myself, and my brother and sister, went out to City Place to take our mom to Taverna Opa for dinner. We had an absolute blast! The food was amazing, (I had lobster tail and opa fries) but the ambiance was even better. We couldn't help but shake our hips and shoulders to the Middle Eastern music playing loudly in our ears. There wasn't a still table in the place. Every so often the belly dancers would come from the back with their costumes that were full of color, and a whole lot of sparkle. They would come around each and every table clanging their finger cymbals together and shaking their hips. They jumped up on the bar, and even right on top of people's tables as they were eating. But of course no one cared, some people even put their forks down and jumped up there with them. If it's a quiet night out your looking for... Taverna Opa is NOT the place for you. Later in the evening, the servers come around passing out entire packs of napkins. Everyone in the restaurant either stands on their tables or chairs and starts dancing. The music gets louder and louder, and everyone is dancing and singing awaiting the DJ's... OPA! Once he says that, EVERYONE in the place throws the napkins in the air, and all you see is a white shower of napkins. And then, my friends, the real dancing begins! My parents even got up and were doing their thing, it was really cute!
I hope you ladies are up for it because that's where my Birthday dinner is going to be this year. Hmmm... I might even get myself a set of finger cymbals.