Thursday, January 29, 2009

Now what do i do with myself?

The kids went down for naps, two loads of laundry have been ironed and hung, lunch mess
all cleaned up, and now I'm sitting here with exactly two hours to myself, before I have to
start my second shift. I have so many things I would like to do in these two hours,
but don't know which one to choose. I was thinking, catch up on last nights episode of Lost,
that I thought came on at 10. By the time my hubby and I got home from church, put the kids to bed and sat down to watch it, it was 9:45. I was like, Yes! I have a whole fifteen minutes!
The Hunster and I got cozy on the couch, ( he could care less about Lost, he watches it because he loves me. ) Turned the channel to ABC, only to discover...
I was soooooo unbelievably upset, words can't describe it. So I can either watch last nights episode, read the book my mom got for me called, The Shack, or I could wash my hair. Seriously, I need to wash it, haha. You know how you only here stuff like that in old movies, where some lady can't go out with her friends or something because she's washing her hair? Well that's me! So if you ever call me to hang out, and I say I can't because I'm washing my hair... I'm being totally serious. I'm not trying to avoid you. So, let me go and think about how I will spend this little bit of time I have left. Toodles!