Monday, October 8, 2007

Trip to the Grocery Store

Before a recent trip to the grocery store, I asked Amiyah to go in her room and get changed (knowing that I would be looking over the outfit before we left) her face lit up. She ran off to her room to put the perfect outfit together.
A few minutes later she comes out and says, " Ok mommy, look at my outfit. I picked my shirt that has green in it because I need to bring a purse to the store, and I wanted to bring this green one, so I picked this shirt that matches. What do you think?"
I was so incredibly proud of her, she matched her shirt and purse with a pair of jean capris, and white sandals. I couldn't believe it!

Bored ~

What can I say, my daughter loves taking silly pictures of herself. I have many more, but these are two of my favorites!