Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chai latte anyone?

I can't believe it... IT'S 37 DEGREES OUTSIDE! I am so cold, I can feel it in my bones. I had to run out to the car this morning fifteen minutes before taking Amiyah to school to turn the heat on in the car, and also push the button, for the first time this season, to heat my leather seat. Leather, and cold... they don't mix very well. ooooh it was so warm and cozy. I know I have said before, that I love the cold weather, and I really do, but not when I'm unprepared. I mean, for today I would have needed ski jackets, gloves, and hats, just to make it from the front door to the car... I was so not ready for this. My poor kids, I kept throwing layer after layer of sweaters and jackets over them. I guess this is where a nice comfy set of long johns would have come in. That's okay though, I just kept Emilio's Batman pajamas on underneath all his layers... he was set. I'm home now with Caleb and Emilio. After a nice warm breakfast, I set the two of them up in Emilio's room watching, you guessed it... The Polar Express! I set just about every comforter and pillow I could find for them on the floor, along with some favorite furry friends, they look adorable, all snuggled up, no care in the world. I, however, am here at my computer wishing I was sitting in a nice cozy corner in Barnes and Nobles enjoying a grande Chai latte, and a slice of warm crumb cake. It's only warm because I make them nook it for me for about a minute, it tastes so much better that way. That's okay though, my hot coffee, and raspberry pastry will do just fine... for now. I think I need to have chai night with my ladies this weekend. I wish The One Way Cafe was open Sunday night's, their Chai... IS THE BEST! So creamy and delicious. My Jojo is a genius when it comes to making my chai... I heart her : )