Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Christmas in 2007

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, and a blessed New Year!

In Christ, The Zarazua Family
Jose, Brandi, Amiyah & celebrating his first Christmas, Emilio.

What is it???

So yesterday, like usual, Amiyah wakes up and the first thing she goes for are her paper, pencils, and crayons.
After about 30 minutes she came to me with her finished drawing.
Upon looking at it, I was puzzled as to what it was. So I sat for a second trying to figure it out, can you? I sure couldn't.
After a minute I excitedly said, "wow Amiyah, that's great! What is it?"

She explained to me that it was the inside of her body. Well besides the two faces. Those were drawings of herself and me.
At the top on the left you have what she said was colored blood. Then on the bottom left we have her colored bones. Finally we see her heart in all different colors.
I was very curious as to why she drew this. She informed me that she wanted to draw blood, hearts, and bones on paper, so that she was able to see inside her body.

She comes up with the most random things sometimes. What an imagination.


I recently joined a photography group online, and the latest challenge was water. I know mine doesn't even come close to some of the entries, but I'm pretty proud of myself.

What do you think?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The White Shoe

Emilio has been in love with this pair of white infant shoes for a few months. I thought for sure this obsession would last a long time.
However as of late, he hasn't really played with them. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to be rid of them forever. I took the shoes, and placed them in my room on my dresser to be put away with the baby stuff I save.
About a week later, I notice him all of a sudden throw himself onto his belly, and do the wounded soldier crawl in a hurry towards something. I got down on the floor to see exactly what it was he was so determined to get. What was it? You guessed it,his little white shoe! So now, a week later the shoes have made it back with his toys to be played with. It doesn't matter what's with his toys, when he sees those shoes, he gets crazy.

Happy Bean

This is my Bean every morning. Just as happy as ever.
Yeah, and that's me in the morning... enough said.

My little helper

Every night after dinner we do what we call our 15 min. pick up.
Joey yells excitedly "Ok everybody, it's time for our 15 minute pick up. Everybody get to your stations!"
Joey runs in the kitchen to clean the dinner dishes. My job was to clear and clean the table, and Amiyah, well we used this opportunity to get her excited about picking up the toys in her room.

The next night, even before Joey could say a word, she ran in the kitchen and turned the water on to start doing the dishes. After watching a couple of plates go to the strainer with food still on it, we thanked her for her help, and Joey took over. She wasn't to happy with that. So she ran to the table, quickly (before I got there) sprayed cleaner on it, and wiped it clean. Joey and I looked at each other and laughed. We hope she's this eager at 15, when doing the dinner dishes will be her permanent job. Haha!

This is Amiyah with her turkey she made in art class.

Dress Up

Amiyah was having a great time dressing up. While sitting at my desk, I heard my dresser drawers being opened. When I went in the room she had my scarf on her head, and she was putting Joey's socks on.
I told her she looked like Aunt Jemima.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

He's 9 months!

So the Bean has hit the 9 month mark, and he is as active as ever.

When given a toy he tosses it to the side just so he can try to get it.
When he can't reach it he start
s crying. I tell everyone to wait and watch him. After a few minutes, he lifts himself on his hands and knees, and pushes himself forward, trying to reach his toy.
He usually ends up on his face screaming, but after the drama, he eventually wiggles his way to his toy.

As a mom, it's sometimes hard for me to watch, but then again seeing him actually start crawling, reaching, and then sit himself up with such pride is a great thing!


This year we spent Thanksgiving with my family. We were all very excited because my Grandparents were visiting from Alabama. It's been about four years since I've seen my Grandmother, and I can't even remember the last time I got to see my Grandpa.
I also had my Aunt & Uncle there, they recently moved here from Germany so it was nice to see them as well.

Here are some random pictures from the day.
~ Amiyah after her shower with baby Sarah watching the parades.
~ Amiyah all ready to go to Grandpa & Grandmas house.
~ Our family
~ My sister and I with our Grandparents.

All in all, I can say the day went just as I had hoped. I was surrounded by my loving family whom I don't see very often and the food was DELICIOUS! It was an amazing day! I have so much to be thankful for.

Turkey four 8!

This is our family at a Thanksgiving dinner hosted by our friends Joe & Ally.

We had such a good time!
As you can see, the Bean could care less about taking a picture, he's more interested in the pie I'm holding!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


At Su-Shin with my girl JoJo, eating the famous Harusame salad!

Yeah baby, the best ever!

Finish it off with a nice piece of fried cheesecake w/ vanilla ice cream....


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends and family!

We love you,
The Zarazua Family!

Little Momma!

After Amiyah's bath with her baby Sarah the other night, she put her pajamas & slippers on and sat on the couch with her. I sat next to her to nurse the Bean before putting him to bed. When I came back from putting him down, this is what I found. Sarah was being nursed before bed as well.
Such a good mommy!

Brown Eyes

I just had to share this picture with you all.
I know it's kinda blurry, but that is exactly why I love it.
My Bean and his big brown eyes!

First Haircut!

Well, it's not exactly her first haircut. I've trimmed it in the past, but nothing like this. On this day she had a shampoo, cut, and style, and she loved every minute of it!

For support she had her best friends, Mari & Shani, mommy,and not pictured, her Titi's, Raine &JoJo.

First she had her hair washed. I think she really enjoyed it, her eyes were closed the entire time. Since she is so tiny, they had chair cushions under her, to keep her in place. I don't know how much they really helped though, she was sliding everywhere.
Mari and Shani were just fascinated with the big black bowl they were washing her hair in.

Then the moment I had been dreading all morning.....
THEY STARTED CUTTING HER HAIR!!! I seriously thought I was going to cry, but I was able to hold myself together so I could capture every minute of it, literally.
She was such a brave girl. For a girl who never had her hair done, she sat so patient, tilted her head, sat up straight. I was so proud of her.
After everything was done, as you can see in the last picture, she was in love with her new hair. She wouldn't stop looking in the mirror, or swinging around.
Even now, four days later, she won't stop talking about how much she loves her hair!

Friday, November 9, 2007


Urban Grace Hip-Hop Church had their monthly skate night. Usually there is a hip-hop artist that will come out, like this night, and perform on the rink, and then share the Gospel message. During his performance my Sweet Cheeks decided to bust a move!

She loves to dance. It doesn't matter what it is. Ballet, tap,or, as we see here, break dancing!!

This was a Sunday night @ Galaxy, skating with my girl. She had so much fun. I even took her out on the rink, and she did really well.
Then we see Amiyah and her friend Shani all ready for some skating.