Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring

For those of us living in South Florida, the first day of spring only means it's time to bust out the bathing suits and flip-flops, if you haven't already, because the hot hot summer days are upon us. Winter this year was alright. We had a few days that were ridiculously cold, but the rest of it wasn't really much of anything. I'm totally speaking for myself here. You see, I LOVE the cold, and every year I pray for snow ( silly I know) but always get nothing. So, now that spring is here, and my dreams of waking up to snow outside are gone, I prepare for the days ahead. Spring cleaning is finally done. Cob webs down, baseboards scrubbed, underneath beds and dressers have been cleaned, and all of our fluffy sweaters have been packed away. This coming week, we'll be gathering all of our summer supplies in preparation for the coming weeks. As far as attire is concerned, everyone except me is prepared, as usual. The only swimsuit I have is a yellow bikini. I absolutely love it, but have been thinking that this year, I'll go modest. Now relax, I'm not talking about something all the way to my neck, and down to my knees.I have been doing a lot of thinking, and an itsy-bitsy-bikini isn't something I would EVER want to see my daughter running around in, so as her mommy, I need to be the example - I'll save the bikini for a vacation with Papi ; ) So, this weekend the hubs and I are going... BATHING SUIT SHOPPING!!! Yeah, just for the record, he's not as excited as I am.