Thursday, January 22, 2009

"A" Honor Roll

Our Poopy made the honor roll...again!
There is an A, honor roll, and that's for the kids who make mostly A's and no C's. Then there is the B, honor roll, for the kids who make mostly B's, and no D's.
She has been working incredibly hard. Coming home from school
and memorizing her scripture verses, doing page after page of math,
which by the way, her teacher doesn't even give her to do. Poopy comes home everyday, eats her lunch, and sits on the couch with her math book. She can do about 4 pages in a sitting...front and back! I'm so proud of my girl. Three times a week she brings home reading books and a bookmark that Mrs. Turner has signed telling the kids where to stop reading. Poopy never wants to stop. After she has read the ENTIRE book to me (because I have to sign the bookmark saying she read it), she continues to read the book over and over, and over again. After reading she practices her handwriting by making lists of just about everything in our house. She'll make a list of the items on the bathroom sink, a list of the food in the refrigerator, and of course who could forget her to-do list. She makes one daily. She takes after her mom, I live by them! Oh, and by the way, she has to write EVERYTHING in cursive. She likes doing it though, she calls cursive writing, "Princess writing".