Sunday, January 18, 2009


My husband and I both are very excited. Our cafe at church, The One Way Cafe, is an official licensed site for the #1 inspirational movie of the year, FIREPROOF!
We will be showing it Saturday, January 24th @ 7pm.

Neither one of us have seen it yet, but we know many who have and they say it's pretty good. After being warned by my husband not to, I went online anyway, and started reading some of the reviews. I have to say, after reading quite a few, the reviews seem mixed. Mostly just complaining about the acting, and the fact that most of the movie takes place in a firehouse but there wasn't really to much action taking place at all. Most people said, there was to much dialogue.
Then there were those who said the action was great, and they really liked the message.
Honestly, my hubby is not one for dialogue, and I myself could care less to see a movie with a bunch of firetrucks in it. From the previews I saw, it looked pretty balanced. I'm looking forward to it, and I know he is as well. We've been wanting to see this movie since it first hit the theaters, but just haven't had the time.
Well, I'll be back to post my own review.


allhisblessings said...

Brandi I LOVE this movie. I want to buy it. I want to watch it 20 more times. The acting is terrible, but the movie is so like real life that you don't care.

Tessa said...

you're sure it's at 7? I think Crystal told us to be there at 6...