Wednesday, April 30, 2008

She's 5!!

Our princess Amiyah is 5, we can't believe it. Joey and I were just thinking back the other day to when she was just walking, and how proud of herself she was.
One of my greatest memories was when she first learned to point. She was so excited that now instead of screaming for whatever it was she wanted at the moment, she could now point it out to us. And she did it with such pride all the time. You could see in her face she couldn't believe we could finally understand her.
Her Birthday theme this year was Alice in Wonderland. These are a few shots I took for her invitations. I ended up using the one of her sitting on a tree stump. Later I'll post pics from birth to now. But for now, this is all I had time for. Enjoy!

Story Time

Before Beanies naps we play silly games, sing crazy songs, and read stories. On this day Amiyah wanted to read the book to him herself. She can read most of the words, but the rest she knows from memorization. It was cute to hear her read it to him, and as you can see in the picture he was enjoying it as well.

Rainy Day Dress Up