Monday, January 26, 2009

In Review

Before heading over to the movie at the cafe, Joey and I stopped, dropped off the Bean by his Titi Carla's & Uncle Angel's, and scooped up the Wormy to take a long with us.
Our Church was having a pajama party for all children, 3 years and older.
Poopy was thrilled that she got to show off her new High School Musical pajamas,
and Wormy had on his cute monkey PJ's. Joey and I were excited about being able
to go on a date, and have free childcare included. You just can't beat that.
Once there, we saw our dear friends, German & Tessa, and Tony & Crystal. They are two of the sweetest couples we know, we heart them!

After pushing two tables together, and gathering all the necessary seating, we got as comfy as we could in our little plastic chairs. They are rather attractive chairs to look at, but not quite the best chairs to sit in for almost three hours.
The lights in the cafe were dim, candles on the tables lit, and us ladies snuggled next to our loves, as the movie began to start.

Personally, I FREAKING LOVE THIS MOVIE! My friend Tara, over at allhisblessings, was so true when she said, "The acting was terrible, but the movie was so like real life that you don't care." The acting was indeed terrible. In my opinion, the only one who really knew what they were doing was of course, Kirk Cameron. However, I do know that the other actors are not professionals, and haven't had the training that Kirk has. I'll give them that much. As far as the action goes, I thought it was pretty balanced. There were plenty of scenes in the firehouse, and even a couple of rescues. By the way, i thought Kirk did an exceptional job during the part where he went inside the house to rescue the little girl. I was really impressed. I almost found myself crushing again, like back when I was 12 when he was on Growing Pains. Hehe!

The dialogue itself, I thought was pretty good. Again, these are not trained actors.
Although the scenes between Caleb's wife and the Dr. drove me crazy because it was just so, not natural. The fights between Caleb and his wife were a bit bizarre. Not because fights like that don't really happen, but because I guess I was just taken back. I mean to actually see a fight like, a fight we've probably all had at some time in our marriage, smeared all over the screen. It made me a little uncomfortable.

There was also some humor, which Joey and I really enjoyed.
We also liked how Caleb's friend in the firehouse that was witnessing to him, he was just so real. He shared about how he had been down the road of divorce, and how God revealed to him, that we really don't have that choice.

In the end, caleb accepted the Lord, and won his wifes heart back by doing, The Love Dare challenge. He realized he couldn't love his wife the way he should without the help of God. This is when I started crying. I started crying because of the change that occured in Caleb's heart. No longer was he just going through the motions, but he really and truly realized all that he had done, and with the help of God, he was determined to make it right. I did also like the fact that in the end when his wife came to see him at the firehouse, she also, apologized, for the way she had treated him.

In my previous post I mentioned going to a meet and greet for a couples Bible study in our Church. We are actually going to be doing, The Love Dare Challenge. Last night, we all just met to be able to meet each other, and talk a little about what we expect to get out of the study, and to just share a little about ourselves, and marriages. These next couple of weeks all us couples have to get the book and workbook, so we can officially start on Feb. 15th. Pray for us, as this will be something new, yet exciting.