Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Life without my camera

So I lent my camera to my BIL (Brother-in-Law) and was told that he misplaced it. Now I'm not angry or even upset. I don't know exactly what I'm feeling. I have never really been without it. It's always in my diaper bag along with it's partner the gorillapod (a small flexible tripod for digital cameras), ready for anything.
Over the past week I have reached for it numerous times, only to remember it's no longer there. So I have been using my big canon rebel. I actually like it a lot better than my little canon, it takes better pictures. My only issue... it's not digital. So it's a PAIN IN THE NECK, having to continuously drop off and pick up film, get the prints put on a disk, and then upload them into my iphoto. NOW WHAT DO I DO WITH ALL THESE PRINTS!!!! I'm not into scrapbooking AT ALL, it takes to much time. So for now it's me and my Rebel, I'm kinda happy to be using it again though, I've missed it. I feel so professional.
So, it will be a while before i put any photos up. Until then...

Saturday, May 3, 2008

He's Walking!

We thought this day would never come. For about a month now he's been walking, but only while holding someones hand. Last week we noticed him let go of the couch quite a few times. With video camera ready, we waited and waited. Until... HE FINALLY DID IT! He let go of the couch, turned towards the middle of the living room, and walked all the way across the area rug to the wood floor. We all cheered and clapped. Of course he loved that part, he was smiling and clapping right along with us. Since then, every chance he gets he's up on his feet, ready to run across the house.
I'll post pictures later. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to upload the video onto my computer. Hmmm... I think I'm missing a cable.