Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not a good idea.

While watching the Inauguration of Barack Obama yesterday... all day, I had Emilio and Caleb (the little boy I care for) sitting next to me on the couch.
They were so overjoyed, shrieking with excitement as they watched Obama's motorcade
slowly make it's way up Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol for the transfer of power.
"Mommy cars!" Is what Emilio yelled over and over again.
I sat in between them, talking to them about what their little eyes were seeing.
"Yes honey, those are cars. What color are they?" " Black!" Caleb screams.
" And do you know who's riding in the black cars? Our future President. Can you say President?" " Pesinent." Caleb says.
I turn to Emilio, and just stare at him for a while. Just thinking of what Obama's
mother might have felt when looking at her own son as a child.
Did she truly believe that he could be anything? Did she have the same hopes and
dreams we all do for our children? I truly believe that she did.
Just to see what Emilio's response would be, because he's rather chatty these days, I asked him, " Emilio, do you think
it would be a good idea for you to be the President? "
He looked at me, and scrunched up his nose. Giving me his, I'm too cute for words look, and then he said, " No mommy... no a goo idea."
I started laughing so hard. I love how lately he is really trying to piece his words together to make sentences.