Friday, January 16, 2009

Speed Racer

Since Emilio was about 11ms. old he has been hitching rides with his sister in this jeep.
Amiyah has always been very careful with him. She would put his seat belt on for him, hold him close when they would go around a tight corner, and even hold the back of his head if she was going to push the gas, a little to hard. Emilio loved every minute.
Recently, whenever Amiyah would get inside her jeep to ride, the Bean would come running after her yelling and screaming. We would allow her to ride by herself, and then after so long, encourage her to ride her little brother around.
Lately, she hasn't wanted to ride her jeep at all, because she says, " I don't want to ride my jeep anymore, because i always have to ride the babies in it."
After we enjoyed a quick laugh with her, we thought of an idea. So we picked up the Bean, and placed him in the driver seat. Before we could finish putting his seat belt on, he had slammed his foot on the gas, and was off. Nearly running into Joey's car, barely missing the pedestrians (grandpa, grandma & mommy) on the sidewalk. It was great! He now has the blue pillow that you see in the picture behind him to push him a little closer to the pedal. Before he literally had to stand himself up. So the Bean enjoys his new found freedom. We just stick him in that jeep, turn the wheel in one direction, and he's good. Just no one tell him the jeep he's actually in, is a Barbie one. Lol!