Thursday, September 18, 2008


Beany just loooves his papi. Everyday when Emilio hears my hunsters keys in the door he makes a mad dash for the door creaming "Daaaaaaddyyyyy."

In the first picture I left the Bean with the grandparents while taking Amiyah to a classmates party one Saturday, and my hunster was working that Sat as well.
When I came to pick up my bean I come in the house to find him laying on the floor napping in his papi's arms. Ok people this is a big deal... he doesn't even fall asleep with ME anymore! It was really sweet.

In the next pick my Hunster was on the computer and the bean came in for some papi time. He screamed to get up into his lap and once there all he wanted was his sweet papi kisses. All I could hear from the other room was mmmuuuhh... mmmuuuhh.

Art Lessons

Since starting school Amiyah will come home and teach Emilio a little something she learned on that particular day. Today was cursive b. Of course Emilio just does his usual scribble scrabble. But Amiyah being the great teacher she is just goes on encouraging every scribble he makes.

It's spaghetti time!

So I think I mentioned in a previous post about my beany and his picky eating.
Well it wasn't until recently when we placed a bowl of spaghetti (something he would never eat before because he doesn't like meat... or so we thought) in front of him with a spoon that we noticed he took right to it. Ate every last bite... meat and all!
So we have come to the conclusion that it was just a matter of independence. He wanted to be the one to feed himself. Of course with me right there making sure the spoon was right side up so that it actually made it in his mouth and not all over the floor.
Mealtime around the Zarazua house is a lot more peaceful these days.

Now, on to the BIG BOY CUP...

This is an example of letters that Amiyah writes almost daily to Jesus.
She's so incredibly thoughtful, always thinking of the hurts and needs of others.

Here I am again!

Ok ok... so I'm not the best blogger.
I think I could be though... if I just made time for it.
So I'm back in action. Now if I could only get these pics to upload...