Thursday, February 19, 2009


This is Angela Williams, the founder of - Mothers Against Murderers Association.
She founded MAMA in memory of her nephew, Torrey Donnell Manuel, who lost his life due to a senseless act of violence. In addition to that, she has also lost five nephews and two nieces to gun violence in Palm Beach County, Florida. She has made it her mission to help the families of these victims, not only overcome their grief, but be an active part in helping to educate the younger generation, equipping them, to be able to turn away from street violence. "We teach you how to come out from being the victim, we help you learn how to survive, and then teach you to be an advocate."

I had the privilege of speaking to Angela this afternoon on the telephone.She was such a sweet woman, very understanding. I told her of my families interest in volunteering, and she was excited to hear that. Since the murder of my younger brother back in May, my family and I have been looking for ways to reach these young people that think there is just no hope for them. Many of them grew up on the streets, drugs, sex, and violence... it's all they've ever known. So how do we get this message across, this message of hope... of Christ? Angela has had many opportunities to go into schools, churches, and even jails, to share with these young people.
We look forward to serving with this organization, with, Angela.

Please feel free to visit her website:
and make a small donation to help put an end to the senseless violence.


In Memory Of
Randall Dean Copeland
8/30/87 - 5/30/08