Monday, October 1, 2007

For a while now my bean has been able to pick up certain foods, but getting it into his mouth... that was a whole different thing.

He would get the food in his fist, and just shove almost his entire fist in his mouth trying to get the goods. Of course it would always end with him screaming in frustration.

Today, however, I am happy to report the bean can put his food into his mouth on his own.
He figured out how to use two fingers to pick it up. Such a big bean!

"I'm shaving like Papi!"

The other night, just before bed, we sent Amiyah into her bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth.
After a couple of minutes, I noticed I didn't hear the water come on. I guess Joey was thinking the very same thing because when I turned toward him he was looking at me with this really worried face.

He called for her, but got no answer. He called again, and then hear she comes around the corner, scrubbing her face with Joey's toothbrush. Her face had a bit of a glow to it, but we thought nothing of it, after all, we did ask her to wash her face.

As she came closer we noticed her face didn't just have a glow, but parts of it were blue.
I immediately knew what it was.
Curious as to why she was scrubbing her face with his toothbrush, Joey asked, "what are you doing baby?" She replied, "papi, I'm shaving like you!"