Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's been crazy around here!

Oh my goodness, where do I start?
Well I don't have much time with you all, I just finished sticking an entire sheet of stickers on Emilio's feet, just so I can sit here. I will be interrupted quite a few times to re-apply the stickers that have decided to fall off. So let's do this quickly!
A lot has happened in the past coupe of weeks. I started a new job from home, working part-time on - seriously... check it out, it's the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. Not only do I enjoy getting a paycheck for working from home, but I am really enjoying being able to talk to someone over the age of six. Hold on, I have to re-apply Emilio's tiger sticker...

I'm back! Now where was I? Oh yeah, odesk. I only work about four hours a day, two in the morning, and two when they go down for naps. Aside from work, we also celebrated Emilio's 2nd birthday a couple of weekends ago ( pictures up soon) and that was an absolute blast. I kept it VERY simple this year. We bbq'd at a park, and the kids played on the playground. The one thing we did do was a pinata. It was a cute dinosaur. Okay, no more about the party... that post will be up soon.
Last Friday, my niece Brianna, AKA - "Hurricane," came to spend the weekend with us. Just a few hours after her arrival ( mind you I still had Caleb plus my kids) we had to get everyone ready for cousin Mikey's birthday party at Chick-Fil-A. Phew! Joe and I were exhausted after just getting them all ready to go. Caleb left at six, and then the rest of us left the house for the party. These are the moments my husband tells me he's so happy that I'm so obsessed with my lists and schedules. Everything has to be in order, we have to do everything on schedule, from getting the kids dressed, to filling sippy cups, and packing the diaper bag with the neccesities, so that when the clock hits a certain time, we can walk out the door... and not look back. I seriously can't function without them.
Well guess what? Even after all that perfect planing... WE WENT TO THE WRONG CHICK-FIL-A!! I totally forgot they had just opened a new one around the corner from my house, and that was where the party was going to be. We drove 10-15 minutes out of our way, got all the way there, and then I said " Oh no honey, it's at the one on Commercial!" But being the man that my Obe is, he saw kids coming out of the chick-fil-a we went to with balloons and he said "Well let's just crash their party!"
He was just a hungry, grumpy Obe, that's all. Thinking with his belly again.

We turned back around and heading for the right one. Once there, we went in, and saw the party people all shoved to one side of the restaurant, next to the playgorund. It was hot, crowded, loud, and just plain stressful. The kids had a blast though, well except for Emilio and Brianna, who were afraid of the man in the cow suit. They screamed hysterically.

We had a great rest of our weekend, just keeping kids busy. We took them to the park, to the church to see a Christian Illusionist, and then to service the next day. We had a full weekend. It kinda made me thankful for those weekends when you just don't know what to do, so you end up sitting by the pool, or just hanging out at home watching movies.

Anyway, just wanted to brief everyone on what has been happening around these parts. For obvious reasons, I can no longer blog everyday, but it should be every other day at least. Thank you my sweets for tuning in... be back soon!