Friday, January 23, 2009

That Freezer Thing

So, while driving to pick up Amiyah from school today, i was praying that my poor car would make it home, we needed to get gas, but I refused to stop.
It was beautiful outside, not cold, not hot... just right. I opened the windows to let some fresh air blow throughout the car, partly because of the great weather we were having, and also to save some of the little bit of gas I had left. We had just pulled out of the school parking lot, when my dear daughter says, " Mommy, I'm really hot. Can we please roll up the windows and turn on that umm... freezer thing?"
Oh my child, she makes my heart melt when she says silly things like that.
Poor thing though, I forgot to take her sweater off before we got into the car and headed home. So she was stuck in the back, between two I had to turn the air on.
Oh... and yes, we made it home!