Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Party Decorations

Emilio is turning two! Our house is filled with birthday joy,
as we begin ironing out all the details for his party.
We decided, the Hunster and I, to have a small party this year.
Mostly family, and a few close friends.
As many of you know... I struggle with small parties.
I say every year, that I'm going to do one, but then get so
caught up in all the fun, that it soon begins to turn into the biggest event
of the year. Well, that won't be happening in 2009. The belt around our
budget, is just a little tight. So what do I do? I search the web for
great, inexpensive ideas. There are way to many inspiring ideas to post, but I thought
you would enjoy this one. The birthday banner above, I found on
Instead of ordering one, I thought I would make one of my very own.
I'm going to do them in triangular shapes instead of rectangles though, and I'm going to use
fabric with the theme that we choose. It's either between sports, trains, or cars... all of Emilio's favorites. He'll be excited either way, but I know trains are his absolute favorite.