Monday, April 6, 2009

Goodness me!

Well here I am. It has been a long and hectic past couple of weeks.
About three weeks ago, I took three days to potty train our Bean, and he is doing exceptionally well. He has been in big boy underwear since day one. During the day when he needs to use the potty he comes and tells either myself or Joe, and he even told the teacher in the nursery he had to go pee, (something we were afraid he wouldn't do) I saw the two of them rushing to the bathroom with his potty seat in hand. It was cute, he was all smiles. At night he sleeps with his underwear, as well as during his naps. He wakes himself up and yells, " Mommy, potty! " And then Joey or I rush in to help him to the bathroom. We are so proud of our little crazy-haired guy.

The following week, the Bean, along with some of his close friends, took swimming lessons. My poor Bean cried all week. The funny thing was, even though he was screaming his head off, he was picking up everything the instructor had taught him. He floats on his back, and when dropped in the pool, will turn around and swim to the wall. On Friday, the last day of swim class, the parents got a chance to get in the pool with the kids to practice everything they had learned, so that we are well prepared to continue the lessons at home. Since his lessons, we have been to the pool quite a few times, and each time we go, my Bean is more and more confident in his ability to swim. Just about everyday after picking up Amiyah from school ( that's usually when we go ) he says, " Mommy, we go cool? " - that's how he says pool. ; ) He jumps off the wall, side into the water, swims to the wall, slides along the wall with his hands, climbs the steps, and does it all over again. I think it's the cutest thing because he's just so tiny.

A week after that I started walking with some ladies from church. I get up around 4:30-4:45 and meet at a park in Coral Springs by 5:30 to walk my 3-4 miles every morning. I'm trying to get myself into gear. I've been doing a lot of 5k walks, but I want to start running them. So, yesterday I started running as well. It was a little rough, seeing as how I haven't really ran in quite a while.

So, when I have a free moment hopefully soon, I will be uploading pictures.
Until then...