Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Look at my big boy!

I cannot believe it, he's feeding himself...sorta!
The Bean has been really upset lately when it would come time for meals, and I felt like such a bad mom because I just couldn't figure it out. I thought maybe he was being picky, or just wasn't hungry. But it wasn't any of those things at all. A couple of weeks ago when he started acting like this I said " ok fine Emilio, I'm not fighting you this time." And i set his bowl and fork on his tray. He then picked it up and began poking at it and then bringing his fork to his mouth (there was no food on it). Again he was frustrated. I helped him poke his pancakes, and then he brought them to his mouth all by himself. He's been doing so ever since.
These pictures are from breakfast, and later on during lunch. He had an easier time with the pancakes. The mac n' cheese kept falling off the spoon.

A day with friends!

We got together with some friends and headed to the museum for a day of WILD and CRAZY fun... literally. No, I'm not talking about the animals and exhibits we saw. I'm talking about our children, yup our sweet loves of our lives. I actually think they didn't pretty good this time around though. They had their moments, but then again... so did we.
After walking around for what felt like hours, we ended the day with some ice cream outside next to the fountain. After the ice cream had finished we gathered our wet sticky-faced children, and headed to our cars.
"We have to do this again sometime" we all said as we were loading up our vehicles.
Well... until then ladies!