Tuesday, March 11, 2008

On this day I was so shocked to see these two together... I just had to take a picture.

Usually when Amiyah goes into her bedroom to play, she slams the door shut because she doesn't want Emilio in there messing with any of her girly things. On this particular morning, I happened to be walking by the room when I overheard her talking to Emilio. "Emilio, I always like to play by myself or with mommy, cause you always make a mess with my stuff. Today I thought I would play with you instead. You can touch my stuff Emilio, oh... but not my Hannah Montanna necklace, that was very expensive."
Isn't that cute? She's such a good big sister, Emilio absolutely adores her.

Friday, March 7, 2008

The day after Emilio's party (yeah we're crazy) we had his dedication to the Lord.
It was great! We watched a slide show that I put together of pictures of the Bean, my Pastor fixed the music. Thanks Pastor G, we love you!
Our Pastor prayed over us, and the Bean, and we gave him back to Jesus.
We realize that it is our job to raise this little boy to be a mighty man of God, who will one day part from his parents and set on FIRE this world for the Lord! Such a big job Joey and I sometimes think, but the Lord, He is so great! He chose us to be the parents of these two children for a reason. We pray always for our friends and family, but especially the ones who have children. The things we do to them, with them, and teach them now will have a tremendous impact on the people they will one day become. Will they be strong courageous men and women who will not crumble under the pressures of their peers? Will they be the ones drawing their friends, and neighbors to the Lord? Joey and I pray so, but more important that is what the Lord Jesus Christ wants for His creation, for them to one day become His children, and then bring others to him.
God bless you all, be encouraged in your ministry, your family!
PSALM 145:4

Happy 1st Birthday Emilio!

The Bean is a year old, I can't believe it! We celebrated in true Zarazua style, a big birthday bash... that he won't even remember having.
The theme was Curious George. Only because he's the cutest monkey that ever lived, and we think the bean looks just like him. We had it at Monkey See Monkey Do Art Studio for Kids (my best friends studio).
It was so much fun. They did circle time, singing, dancing, coloring, play-dough, and they even made a canvas of Curious George's face.
I think 1st birthday's are absolutely hysterical. The birthday child has no idea what's going on, or that any of this is even about them. All Emilio knew was that people kept screaming in his face "Happy Birthday", and trying to snatch him from his mothers arms. So he pretty much looked at everyone with his usual blank stare almost the whole time.
I say almost because I think I got one shot of him actually smiling. When was that shot taken you ask, well when he started digging into his little cake. Well, I shouldn't say digging, he was actually very careful about it, he wasn't exactly sure he was allowed to eat it. He kept looking at me for the ok.
It was a great party, all the kids had so much fun!

So lately I have been experiencing extremely horrible headaches, possible migraines.
Not knowing exactly what was causing them, I decided to pay closer attention to some things I thought might be the reason. I recently stopped drinking so much Coke, and thought that I was going through a major caffeine withdrawal or something, but... that wasn't it.
Then I starting tracking my eating habits. I didn't even realize it, but I have been maybe eating , twice a day. Can you believe that? I mean what was I thinking? Oh wait, I know what I was thinking. I have three kids here all day, who has the time to sit and enjoy a nice healthy meal?
So I put myself on a nice healthy diet this week, complete with 3 healthy meals a day, and of course healthy snacks. After starting this I have come to notice that if I don't eat about every 2 hours I start to feel the pain in my neck, and if I don't feed myself right then, it starts to work it's way up the back of my head.
This has made me realize that we as women, can become so caught up in caring for everyone and everything around us, and that we really need to focus more on making sure that we are taking care of ourselves as well.

I am happy to report, since I started actually feeding myself this week, I am feeling great. I have so much more energy for the kids, I have a much better attitude, and even though I have to be munching every two hours, the headaches are gone, and I think I'm actually gaining weight! I lost a lot while not eating.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Emilio's First Year


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