Wednesday, April 30, 2008

She's 5!!

Our princess Amiyah is 5, we can't believe it. Joey and I were just thinking back the other day to when she was just walking, and how proud of herself she was.
One of my greatest memories was when she first learned to point. She was so excited that now instead of screaming for whatever it was she wanted at the moment, she could now point it out to us. And she did it with such pride all the time. You could see in her face she couldn't believe we could finally understand her.
Her Birthday theme this year was Alice in Wonderland. These are a few shots I took for her invitations. I ended up using the one of her sitting on a tree stump. Later I'll post pics from birth to now. But for now, this is all I had time for. Enjoy!

Story Time

Before Beanies naps we play silly games, sing crazy songs, and read stories. On this day Amiyah wanted to read the book to him herself. She can read most of the words, but the rest she knows from memorization. It was cute to hear her read it to him, and as you can see in the picture he was enjoying it as well.

Rainy Day Dress Up

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Look at my big boy!

I cannot believe it, he's feeding himself...sorta!
The Bean has been really upset lately when it would come time for meals, and I felt like such a bad mom because I just couldn't figure it out. I thought maybe he was being picky, or just wasn't hungry. But it wasn't any of those things at all. A couple of weeks ago when he started acting like this I said " ok fine Emilio, I'm not fighting you this time." And i set his bowl and fork on his tray. He then picked it up and began poking at it and then bringing his fork to his mouth (there was no food on it). Again he was frustrated. I helped him poke his pancakes, and then he brought them to his mouth all by himself. He's been doing so ever since.
These pictures are from breakfast, and later on during lunch. He had an easier time with the pancakes. The mac n' cheese kept falling off the spoon.

A day with friends!

We got together with some friends and headed to the museum for a day of WILD and CRAZY fun... literally. No, I'm not talking about the animals and exhibits we saw. I'm talking about our children, yup our sweet loves of our lives. I actually think they didn't pretty good this time around though. They had their moments, but then again... so did we.
After walking around for what felt like hours, we ended the day with some ice cream outside next to the fountain. After the ice cream had finished we gathered our wet sticky-faced children, and headed to our cars.
"We have to do this again sometime" we all said as we were loading up our vehicles.
Well... until then ladies!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

He's so handsome, just like his Papi!

I had to post this one. This is my Bean all dressed up for Church. I just think he looks so handsome!

So there have been a lot of new things going on in the home of the Hunsters. One of the most important to me is the development of Amiyah and Emilio's relationship.
They really love each other so much. Lately whenever Emilio sees his big sister sitting or playing on the floor, he quickly makes his way to her, stands up and throws his entire body on top of her for a big hug. His hug is usually followed by this sound, "mmmmaaaaahhh". For those of you who don't recognize that sound, it's the sound of him giving her a big wet one. Of course Amiyah absolutely loves every minute of it.
Now if you have ever been around a 13 month old, the one thing you will find out very quickly is, whatever you have belongs to them. I don't care if it's another toy, the seat your sitting in, or even a snack your about ready to sit down and enjoy, it belongs to them... or so they think.
While Joey and I continue to hide from the Bean, in an effort to enjoy our snacks in peace, Amiyah has actually become extremely smart about the way she handles it.
Realizing that whatever she's eating her brother is going to want as well, she came up with a plan.
I walked out of my bathroom the other day while cleaning it because the house was a little too quiet, I had to know what was going on. I came across this scene. Before I could say anything, Amiyah began to explain, "Mommy, I wanted a snack, but I knew Emilio was going to cry for it. I put his bib on, and got his baby spoon (it's actually a fork) so we could both have have some."


My beautiful kids all dressed up for service.