Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who said summer's coming to an end?

While on a recent trip to the Salvation Army with the kids, I came across a rack of old swimsuits. Now, I NEVER buy other people's old swimsuits... that's just gross. I started going through the rack when I came across a swimsuit I never thought I would ever find myself being drawn to. It was bright yellow, and had bright blue and pink circles all over it... IT WAS AMAZING! So bright and cheerful... it screamed happiness!
Now, I'm not a fan of most 80's fashion, but to me, the swimsuits are crazy cool. Since I don't buy old swimsuits, I thought I'd come home and look some up that I might like. These two were my favorite. The top one is the coolest... I think, and the one I would wear. You can find it at:
for only $14.00. That's a steal! Summer is definitely not over for me, in fact... it's just getting started!