Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Copeland Christmas

Just about the cutest picture EVER, of Brianna, AKA - The Hurricane!

It would not be a Copeland Christmas without a game of dominoes.

Cousins. Miranda & Emilio.

Uncle Cody with Emilio.


With my sister, Carly.

Joey and I.

Showing Uncle Rick her ATM.

Amiyah giving her cousin Brianna a squeeze.

Uncle Jordan with the kids.

My Grandparents, and my Parents.

Christmas this year was at my parents house. We had, our grandparents come from Alabama, my Uncle Rick, Aunt Zena, and two cousins home from college, and of course the rest of us crazy Copeland's and our families. Of course Randall wasn't there physically, but he was most definitely in our hearts... oh, and on the t-shirt my sis was wearing just for Christmas.
We all had a couple of moments when we just needed to go and hide somewhere to cry. You never really realize how much a part of you someone really is, until they are no longer there. Al in all, we had a really great time. The kids were running around screaming and yelling, the boys were watching sports, and would stop every once in a while to play a game of dominoes. And of course us ladies would chit chat. I have tons more pictures, of course, but these were some of my favorites.