Thursday, January 15, 2009

Broken camera

Right before Thanksgiving, while visiting with Joey's parents, Amiyah asked me if she could use my camera to take some pictures. So I said, " Sure honey, just be careful."
A few moments later she returned, camera in hand, and said to me, "Mommy, I broke your camera." Before looking at the camera I had pretty much let it go, thinking, ah well, she probably just forgot how to turn it on or something. Well, let's just say, that wasn't the case at all. As she lifted the camera to me, to place in my hand, I looked down and could not believe what I saw. The lens itself was busted, and bent sideways.
I was mortified! My brother-in-law had just replaced my other camera after losing it, with this one, and now... IT'S BROKEN!

This reason I am letting all of you know this, is because, I can no longer just take a few pictures, upload them into my computer and then onto my blog. Oh no. I am now using my huge 35mm Canon Rebel. I used to only use it for portraits. So I have to use up an entire roll before I can actually go get them put on cd, and then upload them onto my computer. That's why I will be posting so many pictures at once... I can't get around it.
Although, I have been doing some research on creating a black room by using a bathroom or closet, so that, that way, at least I'm not paying for the developing fees any more.


Tessa said...

Brandi that STINKS!! Did Amiyah fall on it or something, that's just crazy you shoulda taken a pic of it with your slr! R U gonna get another one?