Monday, February 9, 2009

Race For The Cure

Here we go!

Snuggle up ladies... it's a cold one! They were freezing... Aren't they from New York?
Beautiful Flagler Drive.

Warriors in pink baby!

Christine... being silly.

My Raine... she was in so much pain. What a good sport!

The group. Hey look... It's a bird, it's a plane, no... IT'S SUPER NANCY!

We did it!

Trip To Jacksonville

We were definitely in Gator town.

It says, Daytona Beach.

We're almost there!

Crossing a really creepy bridge. Did I ever tell you... I HATE BRIDGES!

Something I don't see everyday.

I thought it was interesting that we drove only four hours north, and all the trees are different colors, and the leaves were falling off.

Jaimee and Aaron's house. So cute and cozy. I miss it!

Friends For Life! Carly, me, Katie, and Jamiee.

Sweet baby Charlie... he's too cute! This is our friend Katie's baby.

More wii!!! Baby Charlie was having more fun talking on the phone. Or was that one of the wands?

My mom's friend Patti, (Jaimees mom) playing wii.

Best friends for life. We've known each other since the age of ten.

My friend Jaimee, with Emily, and Andrew (in the belly) hehe!

Steven, and his wife. Oh, and silly Patti in the background!

I love their hair in this pic... can you tell they just woke up?

Carly was loving the Jacksonville weather. Almost no humidity!
She was so happy to be having a good hair day.

The girls got up bright and early for
some morning tea.

Back in January, the weekend of the 10th to be exact, Carly, myself, and Amiyah, packed up and took a little road trip. I had received an invitation in the mail about a month earlier for my friend Jaimee's baby shower... and I was determined to go. Jaimee and I have been friends since childhood. We did the usual things teenage girls do. Have sleepovers, stay up late dancing, to DC Talk ( back when they were a rap group) , put on press on nails, etc.
We used to have a blast. Jaimee has a younger sister, Katie, who was really good friends with Carly growing up, and a brother, Steven, who hung out with my brothers. The four of us did everything together. I remember going to the Rapids, back when it was dirt cheap, for rap concerts. The most memorable one was when 1 Way, was performing there. I remember it because, we were about the only ones who showed up to hear them... I felt bad for them.
Anyway, the last time I saw Jaimee was about 4 years ago, when she and her husband came down here to visit. So I was so excited to see her once again. It was just like old times, we always seem to be able to pick up, right where we left off. We did our usual hugging, screaming, hugging, yelling... it brought me back. We'll be going back very soon, to visit baby Andrew when he comes.