Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Turning Two

Emilio will be turning two on the 18th of this month. Joey and I both cannot believe the changes he's made in just a single year. He's a total boy, climbing his sister's dresser, jumping off of beds, hanging from our GLASS dining room table... Yikes! And so much more. His vocabulary has improved quite a bit. He will have a lengthy conversation with you about anything and everything. Even though we can only understand half of what he's saying, he enjoys the fact that we sit and listen to him. His latest conversations are all about his daddy. When Joey leaves the house, at first Emilio cries, and says, "Mommy, car with daddy... PEEEEEESE! Then after a moment on the couch with him reassuring him that daddy will soon return, he turns to me and starts babbling about just how wonderful his daddy is. I know this because every other word is daddy. When daddy is home, all he wants to do is hug and kiss him, and tell him, " I da youuuuuu!" He has no clue his birthday is fast approaching. Amiyah has taken out the album from his last birthday a few times to show him the birthday cake, balloons... his favorite, and all the cool decorations. He already knows he's one, he'll tell you, and even hold up one finger. We have been trying to help him coordinate his little fingers to do two. If you ask him how old he is he'll say, "two" while holding up one finger... it's funny.
Oh my baby Bean, he's a big boy now. Exciting days are ahead. After his birthday, we start... POTTY TRAINING!