Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Crayon in the nose

After breakfast this morning, Emilio and I started through our usual routine, brush teeth, wash hands and face, and change clothes. I gathered all the neccesary items for changing him, remembering not leave anything behind. Let me tell you, if I forget just one thing, he takes full advantage of the moment I have to stop what I'm doing to collect the missing item, to run off. I told him to lay down on the floor, and I proceeded to take off his pajamas. When I got to his shirt, I was just about to pull it over his head when I noticed something HUGE inside of his right nostril. I shrieked, " Oh my gosh!" I noticed that freaked him out a bit, so as to not startle him, I ran and grabbed a fruit strip for him to eat while I examined this wierd object up my sons nose. At this point I couldn't make out that it was a crayon, but it was big enough that I knew I could get it out with my tweezers, don't try this at home kids. I ran for my tweezers, raced back, and the Bean was sitting up shouting, " more peeeese!" The kid wanted another fruit strip, hey whatever would keep him still. I put him back down on the floor, straddled his little body, and held his little head tightly. I counted to three, and went for it. Next thing I knew, I had pulled out the tip of a pink crayon that was probably a half an inch long. How my child got the crayon in there exactly... I 'll never know.


Gabbs said...

Oh man! Thank goodness you found it now and got it out! This happened to one of Ray's brothers, except it was not caught right away. If I remember the story correctly, I think Ray's mom started to "smell" something around the nose area, lol. I think she said it was a really bad smell and didn't know what was going on. They took him to the dr and the dr found the crayon up the nostril!

Brandi Mae said...

Oh my goodness! Thank the Lord I caught it.