Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Favorite Thing

Both of my kids really enjoy taking a bath, and always have, even as little babies.
But recently my poor bean has protested every single time by shaking his head and saying, " nooooo."
Usually after I remove all of his clothing and his diaper, he makes a run for it.
I always let him go, knowing that he's going to hide somewhere in the hopes that mommy will somehow forget about the bean needing a bath, and just give Amiyah one all by herself.
My bean has been doing this because he HATES getting his hair washed. He hasn't quite caught on to the fact that if he only tilts his head back a bit, the water won't run into his eyes.
So... I was on the hunt. I was looking for something that would keep the water out of my poor babies eyes so that he's not gasping for air every time our big red cup full of water comes towards him. My best friend once gave me these foam visors that babies can wear, the only thing with that is he'll take it off the second I go to pour the water. So I found this cup. The yellow part is made of some type of soft rubber, and it gently rests on their forehead. The inside of the cup also has two compartments so that the water doesn't rush out all at once. This cup has saved bath time in the Zarazua house , and now when I say " bath time!" The bean runs straight to the tub.


Tessa said...

Thanks to this post I went out today and bought one! Can't wait to try it tonight. I've been eyeballing this thing for many months but thought it was a waste of money...I didn't want to pay more than $2 for another "water bucket" for his bath. Hey, if it keeps the shampoo out of Liger's eyes when we rinse, then it's great!