Tuesday, September 25, 2007

First Day of School

It's finally here! Amiyah's first day of school.
Well..... these pictures were taken on her ACTUAL first day of school about a month ago. A little late getting them up I know, but with my schedule, I'm surprised I got them up at all.

She's in her final year of preschool, and loving it.
She is taught at home, and surprisingly she doesn't want it any other way. Well, except for the days we drive by a big yellow school bus, and she begs me to ride on one to school with all her friends.

She has been writing for quite sometime now, so we have started focusing on spelling. We have done different things to encourage her such as, making word books, spelling bees, etc. I think she's gonna be like her moma, and love spelling. All she wants to do all day (even when school is out) is spell and write all kinds of different things on my dry-erase

board. She's even started writing sentences.
I cannot believe she is such a big girl.


allhisblessings said...

My noodle is the same way with the school buses! She loves homeschool, but really wants to try out that awesome yellow cheese wagon! I've tried to tell her it's not all it's cracked up to be.